Nobody Buys From Me, Why?

“Please explain to me WHY people are not buying from me?”

This is a question that gets asked hundreds if not thousands of times a day. I do quite a lot of coaching to struggling internet marketers, daily, and almost all of them are making this same mistake.  They are focusing on the sale, focusing on the numbers, and they are forgetting the real reason that people buy from you, TRUST.

Sales, in any business online or offline, is about building relationships. It’s not about scripts. It’s not about remembering to tell your prospects every single benefit of your product.

What Type Of Internet Marketer Are You?

In today’s world there are all types of network marketer’s out there.  Here are a few I came up with………

The Wanna-Be Network Marketer

Ever hear of the term fake it until you make it?  These are network marketers that try to impress you by making outlandish income claims and trying to make you think that they have made it financially.  I see it all over the place on the web but can read right through those people.

It’s real easy to pick them out of the crowd, simply google them.  It is amazing what you can find out about people when you query the search engines.

Don’t Throw The Towel In.

If you want to be one of the 5% who becomes successful then you must learn to never give up. Of all the things I teach this one concept is the most important and difficult to achieve.

Never give up, failure is NOT an option. One simple sentence that describes an attitude that really successful people have. To fully take on that attitude is not easy, it is not enough to just say alright so I will keep trying. This is a no excuses, no reasons, commitment. Failure should almost not be in your vocabulary.

Three Critical Goal Setting Strategies to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions.

Three Critical Goal Setting Strategies to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions.

At the beginning of every year, people throughout the world look at their lives and make one or more New Years resolution, vowing to change something that they consider to be negatively affecting their well being. These resolutions are nothing more than an exercise in goal setting, and can be anything from losing weight, getting married, or finding a job to finally realizing financial freedom in one’s life. Whatever the goal, people set themselves up for failure and disappointment by not following 3 very simple, yet critical goal setting strategies.