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If you’re reading this, you probably have some pictures or photos that you want to restore or repair that look more like the original. Many of us have beautiful photos of ancestors, where images could be 100 years or more, are certainly a step. The problem is; How can we do to bring to life and are more akin to the original images? Continue reading to learn how to easily restore your photos without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to do the job. This can be the most rewarding reading letter this year.

My name is Dan West and restore and repair photos for more than 8 years. I have spent hours and hours from PC Restore and retouch photos, to experiment with different techniques, until I found the best methods. The restoration is an interest which has become a passion for me and can be very rewarding. You should see the appearance of some people’s faces when they see an old photo still brought to life, tears of joy are not unusual.

It is nothing like the image of an old repair satisfaction for one, and seeing the look on his face and as a result and pricing professionals high cost of restoration services, free photos, I decided that there was a better way. In creating this online course, which consists of 5 modules of training: “practice” is excellent, clear and concise, I used only half of the procedure and not to these excellent results. “” Follow this again to get the stone in my gray matter. “Thank you” “good clear explanation of what is required, but the most important is the recommendations on tools we use.” “” “As a former army officer, I have learned to structure in the learning process.” “This scheme is well structured “giving great insight into this course.

In these modules step by step to learn how to restore and repair your photo to its original state and beyond, each module composed of different tutorials, including video instructions. Among other things, you will learn: in this case study video, I’ll show you exactly step by step how to restore this picture. A damaged photos like this usually costs about $ 40 if you hire a professional.

With a total of 28 short videos, this independent video series will teach you the basics of using GIMP as an editing software. I added this course a bonus at no additional cost to cover the bases, so that I can devote all my energies creating impressive photo restoration tutorial for you. This video series contains 199 + minutes of instructions, and if you want to dig a little more in the foundations of these videos will help you all: install GIMP UI exploration, selection tool, using layers, and …

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